How To Stop Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing?

Bearded Dragons Glass Surfing

Have you ever wonder why your pet do some unexpected or strange behavior? Granted that every pet has different characteristics and personalities, including the oddly cute Bearded Dragon. The pet lizard that has natural habitat in desert Australia, has a unique habit that looks cute but also indicates something wrong. This action is known as Bearded Dragons glass surfing. If you have or going to adopt one, here is the further information you should know beforehand.

What Is Glass Surfing In Bearded Dragons?

For newbies or the beginner keepers, the act of scratching the glass may look fun, amusing, or cute. At the same time, you may feel confused about what happens to your beloved pet. In the eyes of professionals, the act of glass surfing considered a frantic behavior of your Bearded Dragon that trying to climb up the glass wall. The name itself derived from the term of similar behavior from surfers when they paddling the surfboard on the ocean.

The repetitive movement of moving its hand and rubbing its belly, also known as a glass dancing. Yes! your Beardie looks like dancing, but the truth is they are attempting to escape. At the same time, the action also accompanied by their antics of running up and down the captive and standing on their back legs. As it looks fun at sometimes, you should notice that the Bearded Dragons glass surfing can indicate that something is wrong in the enclosure.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon do Glass Surfing?

  • Looking For Your Attention

At some point, your Dragon does it just because they want your attention. In this matter, there are some indications. It can be they feel hungry and want you to refill the food bowl. They may also dance because they want you to clean up their poop. Yes! your cute Dragon is demanding in this term. However, they may also do this because of feeling bored. Your Dragon wants you to spend your time with them. Take them out to play around, take bathe, or simply cuddle them.

  • Can’t Comprehend The Glass Or See Their Reflection

It happens quite often for the young Bearded Dragons. They can’t comprehend the glass is there as a barrier. Thus, it leads them to scratch the glass in an attempt to get through the glass. In this manner, they may want to escape due to the lack of hiding spots inside the cage. The Bearded Dragons glass surfing also appears if they see their reflection on the glass. The aggressive one will potentially try to interact, fight, or feel threatened by it.

  • There Is Something Wrong In The Habitat

The little paddling also indicates that there is something off in the enclosure. Worth noting that bearded dragon is a very meek, calm, yet easy to get threatened. If they found some parts in the habitat that stress them out, meek them uncomfortable, or feel threatened with particular things, most likely they will show the dance. You should consider some of these possibilities: 1) something novel for them; 2) other bearded dragons; 3) they see larger animals outside the captive.

  • They Cannot Thermoregulate

Have you checked the problem? How about the cage condition? did the temperature good enough? If you found that the temperature is too high and they can’t thermoregulate, then they will move around frantically.

Normally after they got hot enough from basking, they will go to a cooler area to cool down. Bearded Dragons glass surfing will eventually happen if the captive has a temperature greater than 85F (for other parts like their hiding spot) and 115F for the basking area.

  • Going To Lay Eggs

This is not very common, but if you do have female Bearded Dragon, most likely they want to tell you that they’re getting ready to lay eggs. If this happens to your lizard pet, it is not a bad thing at all. But, you should be aware that they may need your help in the future.

You can see the behavior accompanied by digging the soil. Based on the statistic, this will happen when the dragons reach 2 years old. However, it could happen as soon as 18 months.

How To Stop Glass Surfing Behavior

  • Get Bigger Tank

The best and the most advisable solution is providing a bigger tank. You should consider that Beardie had rapid growth at an early age. As they grow bigger, make sure to balance it with an appropriate enclosure size. Otherwise, the Bearded Dragons glass surfing will likely happen quite often.

If space is no longer sufficient, then invest for a bigger one. Just like humans, cramped in a small room will make one feel stressed and affect health. If tanks are switched, the environment should be made so that it’s as familiar as possible.

Bearded Dragon Tank Size Chart

AgeIdeal Tank Size
1-6 months20-50 gallons
6-12 months50-75 gallons
12+ months75-120 gallons

Install Appropriate Lighting

As said before, the reason why they danced was due to improper temperature. This can be happening due to the inappropriate lighting. Thus, the obvious solution is to have a proper lighting setup, temperatures, and cycles. In this case, you should consider measuring the humidity as well. It can be said that the most important thing to recognize is the temperature, humidity, lighting setup, and the cycle.

  • Provide More Enrichment

They can feel very bored inside the captive. Other than spending your time with them, the alternative solution will be adding more enrichment. There are numerous accessories or toys you can provide. Simple little ball toys, branches, and wood, vines, fake plants, hiding burrow, etc. can prevent Bearded Dragons glass surfing. But once again, the best stress relief will be playing with you – the beloved owner.

All in all, every pet have different habitual that may or may not denote various meaning. It can be good or it can be a bad thing. Talking about Bearded Dragons, the act of glass surfing or scratching the glass may look cute from the outside of the captive. But from the inside, it may indicate something serious. So, is it a good thing or not? the answer is depending on the condition. You should check immediately to figure out what is going on and take action to avoid the worst condition.

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